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Moore Home Schooling

22/04/2019 - 11:00
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A Homeschool Program that is tailored to fit the student, not the student to the program.  This gives the child adequate time to follow his/her interests, even a home business

A Special Needs Program; Moore Academy has experienced and degreed staff in special education who understand children with behavioral and learning differences.  Our educational and life skills are adapted to each chid's individual needs.  The  one-on-one nature of home schooling is one of the beneficial aspects along with the work/service education that we promote.  These are the basics of many of the most successful programs for these children.

Individualized services rendered as a ministry to people of any faith and from all around the globe

"Consultants" that are well qualified educators, with long experience with Moore Academy principles and application.  High school students earn a diploma with credits that are well absorbed into other secondary schools if transferring.  We are pleased that colleges accept our students readily; however, one might check with the college of their choice to ensure they will meet with their credit requirements.  Moore Academy is able to meet any requirements, and usually then some.  Colleges are usually very happy to receive our students with their high quality education.  Meanwhile, being non-accredited allows Moore Academy to continue the special Moore Formula approach for the balanced program so highly prized.  


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